Here are the best essential oils for improved physical and mental health

Essential oils can help you achieve optimal health. They can either be diffused into the air or applied topically after being diluted in a carrier oil. Each kind of oil possesses its own unique healing properties, so you can use them for variety of purposes. Here are some of the best essential oils to boost your physical and mental health. (h/t to

Lavender oil

Lavender essential oil is a natural sleep aid. It can relax your body, calm down your nervous system, help slow down your heart rate, and reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. By providing restful sleep, lavender oil can make you feel refreshed and energized since your body is able to repair itself. This calming oil can also improve your mental state by helping induce positive feelings when you are stressed or anxious. If you have a migraine, you can reduce its severity by inhaling the aroma of lavender oil for 15 minutes. (Related: Why essential oils need to be in your survival kit.)

Eucalyptus oil

Strengthen your body with eucalyptus oil. Use this oil to stimulate your immune system. It can also be used to boost your energy and endurance due to its stimulative and uplifting properties. Additionally, eucalyptus oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can provide a cool and refreshing sensation. Dilute it in a carrier oil and rub some of it on your aching joints and muscles to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Tea tree oil

Use tea tree oil as a natural insect repellent. Protect yourself from nasty bugs by spraying your surroundings with a mixture of tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle. You can also alleviate your inflamed sunburns with this soothing oil. Its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal benefits allow it to help fight bacterial and fungal infections. It can even be used as a natural laundry freshener.

Oregano oil

Oregano oil has antiviral properties that can help fight infections. You can use it to help treat inflammation and gastrointestinal problems. Sanitize your knives, utensils, and other equipment with diluted oregano oil. You can even diffuse oregano oil into the air to disinfect it from harmful viruses. Use this versatile oil for a number of cleaning purposes.

Peppermint oil

Aside from helping strengthen your immune system, peppermint oil can also help improve your energy and athletic performance. This oil has an invigorating and stimulating nature that can help prepare your body functions for physical activity. Use it in aromatherapy when you need that extra push to endure daunting physical tasks. It can also soothe your sore and tired muscles after exercise. Peppermint oil isn’t just for physical strength. It can aid your mental and cognitive strength as well by sharpening your focus.

Thyme oil

Thyme is far more than just a spice. Its essential oil can boost your immunity just as well as it can boost the flavor of certain dishes. Thyme oil is just one of several oils that can be used for both cooking and survival purposes. It also serves as a great disinfectant, so you can diffuse it into the air to help clean it.

Rosemary oil

If you are experiencing mental fatigue or physical exhaustion, rosemary oil can come to your rescue. This uplifting oil can be used to enhance your mood, inspire confidence and relieve headaches. It can also stimulate your flagging immune system. If your mind is feeling a bit foggy, try a little aromatherapy with rosemary oil to help you concentrate and improve your brain power.

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