Health guru Dr. Edward Group discusses regaining and maintaining your health during exclusive Lost Arts Radio interview

He’s the founder of the famous Global Healing Center in Houston, Texas, and is considered by many to be one of the world’s foremost experts on natural health and living. And if you take the time to listen to a recent interview he did with Lost Arts Radio’s Richard Sacks, you’ll get to hear even more about Dr. Edward Group’s unique perspectives on health, wellness, and spirituality in the modern age.

In this exclusive one-on-one talk that took place via live stream on April 19, 2018, Dr. Group, who has also been featured on the Natural News Talk Hour, shares about the difficulties of staying healthy and grounded in today’s world. He reflects on these and other issues, offering words of wisdom that are not only relevant to current events, but also pertinent for everyone looking to upgrade their health status in 2018.

Dr. Group discusses key health issues that many people today are facing – including chronic fatigue, decreased quality of life, and exposure to environmental toxins. He also offers keen insights into his own personal approaches to overcoming these challenges that you won’t want to miss if you, too, are searching for answers these and other important life questions.

As you listen to Sacks and Dr. Group answer questions submitted by viewers and listeners, you’ll expand your knowledge base and learn what it means to really achieve the highest levels of health and wellness in your day-to-day life. Like many of us, Dr. Group hasn’t had a perfect life by any means, and has had to learn how to overcome many challenges – which you’ll get to hear him unpack in order to apply some of his strategies to your own life.

“I had a pretty rough childhood, but I was also extremely blessed,” Dr. Group says. “With all that, I’ve been on a deep spiritual journey, and looking for the answers, opening up my mind,” he adds.

The full live stream is available for listening and viewing on YouTube.

Dealing with the root cause of any issue is infinitely better than trying to tackle its symptoms

Whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual health you’re trying to improve – or all three – Dr. Group suggests first identifying the root cause of the problem. Too often in today’s society we’re offered quick-fix pills, five-step programs, and other approaches that merely address symptoms, which simply can’t provide lasting benefits.

Dr. Group doesn’t even like to use the word “problem,” because he believes that it implies something more negative that can’t be fixed. Instead, he prefers the word “situation” because this suggests that there’s always a solution.

But many of the solutions to life’s “situations” require thinking outside the box and breaking the status quo. You probably won’t find answers by searching for them in mainstream thought, in other words, hence the rise of things like “alternative” medicine and other practices that defy conventional thought.

Dr. Group believes that much of what people look to for answers isn’t necessarily 100 percent false, but rather some truth mixed with some lies.

“You really have to search for the answers in life and in business if you want the truth and if you want to succeed,” he says. “Because most of the information that is put in front of us, and that is taught to us in school – and it has gotten a lot worse over the years – is false information, and it’s hard for people to break out of that conditioning that they’re in.”

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